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How to instantly remove a background from any image?

Step 1

Upload an Image 🖼️

First, select the image you want to add a pink background to and click "Confirm Upload".
Step 2

Select a Background Color

Sign up or log in to your Pic Copilot account and choose the background color you want. We offer over ten background colors, including "Basic Color" and "Advanced Color," for you to choose from.
Step 3

Download your image 🤩

Download the image of the pink background in PNG file format. You can also use more features of Pic Copilot to enjoy more photo editing options.
Pink Dream, Sweet Life

Pink Dream, Sweet Life

A pink background, with its unique vitality and vibrancy, infuses warmth and fun into your product or theme. This color not only adds a lively touch to photos but also makes the entire image more dynamic and eye-catching. Using a pink background is an ideal choice for conveying warm and joyful emotions, especially suitable for promoting beauty products, fashion items, and children's goods. It helps your products stand out among many choices, becoming the focal point of attention.
Evoke Emotions, Enhance Visual

Evoke Emotions, Enhance Visual

Immerse your product images in the gentle embrace of a pink background, injecting a fresh vitality into your visuals. With its soft tones and warm emotions, a pink background can evoke an emotional resonance in consumers, making your product images radiate a warm and inviting charm. Whether showcasing fashion items, beauty products, or children's toys, a pink background perfectly highlights the features of your products while conveying a relaxed and joyful shopping atmosphere.
Warm and Romantic, Visual Focus

Warm and Romantic, Visual Focus

Discover the power of a pink background, bringing a warm and romantic visual effect to your product images. This soft background color attracts visual focus while maintaining a sense of space and depth, allowing your products to stand out amidst the competition.

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