AI Avatars

No need to appear on camera. AI avatars can narrate your video content with a more authentic touch.

AI Avatars
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Intelligent Content Integration

Intelligent Content Integration

The AI Avatar tool seamlessly integrates AI digital personas into original videos, narrating the content smoothly and naturally.
Fluent Multi-Language Expression

Fluent Multi-Language Expression

With language expression indistinguishable from human speech, our AI Avatar tool supports seamless conversion among multiple languages.
Create with Ease

Create with Ease

We offer a user-friendly creation process that allows even those without video production experience to easily get started, enabling everyone to effortlessly create their own personalized video content.

You asked, we answered

Do I need a technical background to use the "AI Avatars" tool?

Not at all. Our AI Avatars tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing even non-professionals to easily integrate the digital spokesperson functionality into your original videos for seamless integration.

Are there any copyright concerns with using the "AI Avatars"?

You can use it with confidence. Our AI Avatars tool ensures the safety of copyrights, and all generated content can be used for commercial purposes without worrying about copyright issues.

Does the "AI Avatars" support personalized customization?

Absolutely. Our AI Avatars tool offers extensive customization options, including voice gender, digital persona appearance, original sound elimination, and background music replacement, to cater to various video content and situational needs.

Can the "AI Avatars" support a multilingual environment?

Definitely. Our AI Avatars tool supports multiple languages, meeting the needs of global users. The AI will automatically generate digital spokesperson videos in the language of your choice.

Can videos generated with the AI Avatars be edited further?

Certainly. The generated AI videos can be used directly or further edited as needed. We provide functionality for content editing and modification.

What Our Users Are Saying

Aurora CelesteShopify Store Operations Manager
As a creator of e-commerce video content, I have been searching for new methods to enhance video appeal and audience engagement. Pic Copilot's Al Avatars feature has brought significant changes to my marketing videos with its realistic visual effects and fluent language expression. The Al Avatars not only conveys information in a natural tone but also translates according to the video content, making my videos more vivid and compelling.
Jasper EveretteBay Store Administrator
As a marketer for an e-commerce brand, I understand the key to swiftly and accurately delivering brand messages in this era of information overload. Pic Copilot's Al Avatars feature greatly enhances the efficiency of our video content dissemination through its highly realistic digital image and multilingual translation capabilities. It not only makes the transmission of brand information more intuitive and efficient but also strengthens emotional connections between the brand and consumers through personalized AI spokesperson images.
Evangeline NoelleShopee E-commerce Operations Specialist
As an operator in cross-border e-commerce, I have been seeking ways to enhance brand differentiation. Pic Copilot's Al Avatars feature provides us with a unique solution through its innovative video translation and digital human technology. It not only translates product introductions and promotional messages into different languages but also offers friendly shopping guidance through digital human representation, creating a novel and personalized shopping experience for consumers. This differentiated service helps our brand stand out in the fiercely competitive cross-border e-commerce market.

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