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How to instantly remove a background from any image?

Step 1

Upload an Image 🖼️

First, select the image you want to add a black background to and click "Confirm Upload".
Step 2

Select a Background Color

Sign up or log in to your Pic Copilot account and choose the background color you want. We offer over ten background colors, including "Basic Color" and "Advanced Color," for you to choose from.
Step 3

Download your image 🤩

Download the image of the black background in PNG file format. You can also use more features of Pic Copilot to enjoy more photo editing options.
Create High Quality Product Images

Create High Quality Product Images

A black background enhances product contrast, making it ideal for showcasing items like electronics, fashion accessories, and more. Use our AI background color tool to change the background of product images to black, creating a high-quality, modern visual effect. A black background helps to elevate the perceived quality of your products, attracting more consumers.
Intelligent Recognition, Efficient Processing

Intelligent Recognition, Efficient Processing

The black background can unify your brand's visual identity, increasing user recognition and loyalty. Our AI tool supports automatic background color recognition and change, making it easy to use and ideal for e-commerce sellers to quickly process large volumes of images. Save time and costs, allowing you to focus on business expansion.
Adapt to the Market, Boost Sales

Adapt to the Market, Boost Sales

A black background is widely popular in global markets, especially for showcasing high-quality products. By optimizing image backgrounds, you can enhance product appeal and effectively increase market share. Our AI black background tool will help you meet the demands of various markets, boosting conversion rates in international markets.

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