AI Dubbing

Utilize AI Dubbing to transform the language of your videos, providing precise translations and seamless voiceover integration. This allows a global audience to watch and engage with your content.

AI Dubbing
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Lifelike AI Dubbing

Lifelike AI Dubbing

The AI Dubbing feature offers a wide range of language options, making your video content lively and easy to understand. With advanced AI technology, the dubbed voices in the translated videos sound natural and smooth, indistinguishable from human voices. This enhancement adds brilliance to your videos and significantly improves the viewing experience for your audience.
Communication without Boundaries

Communication without Boundaries

The video translation tool automatically recognizes and translates content in videos, and supports re-editing, significantly streamlining the process of localizing video content. We also support customized editing features to ensure translation accuracy and smoothness.
Global Reach

Global Reach

Using our AI Dubbing tools, your products can enter new markets more quickly, overcoming language barriers. These tools help your products cross borders and achieve global sales.

You asked, we answered

How can I create multilingual video content for my product?

Our AI Dubbing service can translate your original product video into multiple languages, accompanied by natural and smooth dubbing. This allows your product information to transcend language barriers and reach a broader audience.

Are there multiple voice options available during the video translation process?

Indeed, there are. We offer a variety of voices. Our AI selects the most suitable dubbing voice based on the tone and style of your product video to enhance its attractiveness and expressiveness.

Does the AI Dubbing service allow for custom dubbing to ensure it matches the video content?

Our AI technology intelligently synchronizes the translated content with the original video, ensuring harmony between language and visuals. Additionally, we offer customization features that allow you to adjust the dubbing content as needed.

Does AI Dubbing support high-definition video formats to ensure video quality?

Absolutely. Our service maintains video quality, ensuring that your product videos retain their original high-definition clarity throughout the translation and dubbing process.

What customization options are provided by the AI Dubbing tool?

Our AI Dubbing tool offers a range of customization options. These include voice gender selection, language choices, original sound elimination, background music replacement, and personalized customization of translation text to meet your diverse needs.

What Our Users Are Saying

Cedric OliverRakuten E-commerce Store Manager
As a video content creator, I often need to share my creations with audiences of different language backgrounds. The AI Dubbing feature of Pic Copilot is the key tool that helps me achieve this goal. It not only maintains the original visual effects of my videos but also, through precise video translation, bridges the language barrier, reaching a broader audience with my content and information.
Arabella IsabellaEtsy Artisan Seller
As an e-commerce seller, I need to ensure that my marketing videos capture the attention of global buyers. Pic Copilot's video translation feature allows my video content to be effortlessly translated into the local languages of target markets, greatly enhancing my marketing efficiency and effectiveness. This technology helps me overcome language limitations, ensuring that my product introductions and promotional messages are accurately conveyed to every customer.
Tristan XavierAmazon Seller
As a video content creator in the e-commerce industry, I deeply understand the importance of creating content in multiple languages. Pic Copilot's AI Dubbing feature provides me with an efficient and reliable solution. It not only streamlines my workflow but also ensures the quality and consistency of translated content, while supporting customization of translated materials. This allows me to focus on creating more engaging video content without worrying about language conversion issues.

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