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How to instantly remove a background from any image?

Step 1

Upload an Image 🖼️

First, select the image you want to add a green background to and click "Confirm Upload".
Step 2

Select a Background Color

Sign up or log in to your Pic Copilot account and choose the background color you want. We offer over ten background colors, including "Basic Color" and "Advanced Color," for you to choose from.
Step 3

Download your image 🤩

Download the image of the green background in PNG file format. You can also use more features of Pic Copilot to enjoy more photo editing options.
Natural Freshness and Product Vitality

Natural Freshness and Product Vitality

In your product images, a green background brings a breath of fresh air, injecting your brand with life and vitality. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and health, evoking consumers' longing for nature and purity. Whether it's food, health products, or outdoor gear, a green background seamlessly blends with product characteristics, conveying a positive and uplifting brand image.
Trust in Healthy Products

Trust in Healthy Products

Choosing a green background is not just about aesthetics; it's a statement of values. Visually, green conveys a sense of safety, reliability, and health, making it perfect for organic products, eco-friendly items, and any product that emphasizes its environmental attributes. Our green background tool ensures your product images accurately reflect your brand's philosophy, enhancing consumer trust and purchase intent.
Balanced Visual Appeal and Purchase Desire

Balanced Visual Appeal and Purchase Desire

With its balanced and harmonious qualities, a green background effectively captures consumer attention. It provides a stable and comfortable backdrop for product images, making product details more prominent and colors more vibrant.

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