Multilingual Conversion of Marketing Materials for Cross-Border E-Commerce

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Mar 18, 2024
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Streamlining global e-commerce, AI translations from Pic Copilot quickly adapt images and videos for broader markets, reducing costs and effort.
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Apr 23, 2024 10:40 AM
In the operation of cross-border e-commerce, translation functions play a crucial role in various scenarios. For instance, to attract potential buyers from different regions, it's essential to translate marketing emails, advertisement content, and social media posts into multiple languages. This adaptation allows for promotion in various countries, catering to the browsing habits of customers from different nations, thereby enhancing click-through and conversion rates.
However, translating product images and videos can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, requiring the addition of subtitles and dubbing, with the accuracy of translations difficult to guarantee. For e-commerce operators, the question arises: how can existing marketing materials be quickly translated into multiple languages? Pic Copilot's image and video translation features help eliminate language barriers for cross-border e-commerce sellers, making it easier to promote products across more countries and regions.
Here, we introduce Pic Copilot's image and video translation capabilities, illustrating specific e-commerce applications. AI image translation can swiftly translate product marketing images, as well as images on product homepages and detail pages. AI video translation not only extracts and translates voice and subtitle content in videos but also allows for the subtitles and dubbed narration to be reconfigured in the target language. These features significantly improve the utilization and conversion rates of materials in cross-border e-commerce.
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Image Translation

Pic Copilot's image translation tool currently supports Chinese and English as source languages, and includes French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian among its target languages. It automatically identifies text within images, converting it into editable text boxes. Users can modify the translation results in the editing interface to tailor marketing content for different countries and regions.
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Following AI translation, users enter an editing interface where they can adjust which parts of the image need translating and which do not, as well as freely modify text styles.
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Video Translation

Pic Copilot's video translation tool supports Chinese and English as source languages, and includes English, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish among its target languages. With simple operations, text in videos can be translated into multiple languages, ensuring messages are accurately and clearly conveyed to audiences with different linguistic backgrounds.
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Using an intelligent translation engine, Pic Copilot ensures translations are accurate and fluid. You can opt to add subtitles or dub in the translation, deciding on the best expression based on preferences and the target audience's inclinations. Thus, your marketing videos can not only highlight product features and advantages but also resonate with the audience, enhancing their awareness and trust in your brand.
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In Pic Copilot's video translation editing interface, video content is automatically recognized and segmented. You can edit the text within the video, translate and dub it into the target language, and also choose male or female voices for dubbing, as well as add background music.
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Images and videos are vital windows for displaying product information on cross-border e-commerce platforms. Using AI for image and video translation can significantly boost conversion efficiency, enabling sellers to promote their products to more countries and regions at lower costs.
Pic Copilot's image and video translation features save you time and costs. There's no need to seek translators or outsource translation services, nor wait through long translation cycles. Pic's tools can quickly and automatically complete your translation tasks, allowing you to focus on other important marketing activities.
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