How to Quickly Create Clear Product Images with White or Themed Backgrounds?

Tim·Wed Apr 10 2024
Apr 2, 2024
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Simplify e-commerce images with Pic Copilot: upload, auto-remove backgrounds, choose a color, and download. Enhance product visibility effortlessly.
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Apr 23, 2024 10:40 AM
In the realm of cross-border e-commerce platforms, the use of white background product images is exceedingly prevalent. A white background not only accentuates the product itself by presenting its details clearly and without the distraction of a cluttered backdrop, but it also allows consumers to focus more on the product's details and design. Moreover, the simplicity and cleanliness of a white background enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the product, making it more attractive. Additionally, many e-commerce platforms have specific requirements for product images, and utilizing white background images helps meet these standards or preferences, thereby standing out in search results and improving product visibility and search rankings.
How can you quickly obtain product images with a white background? Pic Copilot significantly reduces the production costs of creating white background images for products. Simply upload the product image to automatically remove its background with just one click, and you have the option to add white, black, grey, and various colored backgrounds, providing a swift solution to all your white background product image needs.
Step One: Upload Your Product Image
Click on the "Background Removal/White Background Image" tool on the Pic Copilot homepage to access the image upload page. Note that the size of the image uploaded should not exceed 10MB. If the background removal is not up to expectations, you can further edit the result using a brush to manually select parts you wish to delete or retain.
notion image
Choose "Manual Background Removal" for further editing of the removal results. Use "Eraser" to erase and "Restore" to recover. After editing, click "Complete Background Removal" to save your results.
Step Two: One-Click Background Removal
Adjust the selection for the desired effect and click confirm to upload, moving on to the background editing interface.
notion image
Step Three: Choose Your Background Color
After entering the editing interface, you can choose to "Re-upload the Subject," "Replace Background Color," and "Download." In the main operation window on the right, you can adjust the size of the product to occupy a more suitable proportion in the frame.
notion image
In the "Replace Color" area, you can select a white background to highlight the product's details in a simple style, or choose Pic Copilot's advanced background colors to match your brand's unified tone and style.
notion image
Step Four: Download the Finished Image
Once editing is complete, click the "Download" button below the operation window to download the edited image for free. A clean white background product image or one with a premium background color can be effortlessly obtained!
Overall, incorporating white background product images into your e-commerce platform can enhance product attractiveness, display effectiveness, and comply with the unified style of the platform, helping to increase click-through rates, sales volume, and brand image. Using a unified brand color scheme can also make the brand image more memorable.
Leveraging Pic Copilot's quick one-click background removal and white background image creation feature, merchants can efficiently produce clean, large product images for platforms like Amazon, facilitating swift uploads and establishing an attractive, cohesive shop listing. Let AI take over the meticulous and tedious task of background removal!
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