How to Easily Design E-commerce Main Images Using AI Design Tools?

Tim·Wed Apr 10 2024
Apr 10, 2024
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This AI tool streamlines e-commerce marketing by generating professional images and videos quickly, using templates to enhance product appeal and sales. It reduces costs, meets trends, and boosts efficiency, offering a competitive edge with improved visuals at lower expenses.
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Apr 23, 2024 10:40 AM
The main image for an e-commerce listing, often containing product information and discount details or a high-quality product photograph with a usage scenario, is crucial for attracting customers. Traditionally, creating a professional marketing image required considerable time and money, and the results might not always meet expectations, posing a significant challenge for many e-commerce sellers, especially small to medium ones. With limited budgets, obtaining high-quality professional product photography becomes difficult.
With the advancement of generative artificial intelligence, traditional product photography and e-commerce design processes can be significantly simplified, reducing costs. Piccopilot is a powerful tool that helps merchants quickly create marketing images and videos. Utilizing AI-generated content (AIGC)'s powerful capabilities, Piccopilot can rapidly produce appealing marketing images, simplifying traditional design processes while integrating various AI functions needed for e-commerce.
Pic offers an extensive selection of marketing image templates, carefully crafted by professional designers from Alibaba International. These templates are not only diverse in style but also keep up with market trends. Tests have shown that these marketing image templates can significantly increase product click-through and conversion rates. For e-commerce merchants looking to efficiently and effectively enhance their marketing content's professionalism and appeal, Pic is an excellent choice, leveraging AI to improve e-commerce sales outcomes.
Below, we will demonstrate how to use Pic Copilot's "Marketing Image Generation" and "Background Image Generation" features to quickly create e-commerce main images.
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I. Marketing Image Generation
Summary of Benefits: Access to a vast array of high-quality marketing templates, high information density in images, the ability to upload product logos, and free AI-generated marketing images.
Generation Steps:
  1. Select a suitable template on the Pic Copilot homepage.
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  1. Upload the product image (note: the image size should not exceed 10MB).
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  1. Preview and adjust the generated effect.
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  1. Download the original image.
II. Background Image Generation
Summary of Benefits: Intuitively showcases product usage scenarios with clean visuals, realistic lighting, and perspective effects.
Generation Steps:
  1. Upload the product image.
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  1. Choose a preset scene or reference image.
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  1. Preview and adjust the generated effect.
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  1. Download the original image.
Using AI to generate main images for e-commerce can significantly increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Additionally, by learning user preferences and market trends, AI can provide personalized image designs that better attract the target customer base. Compared to traditional photography, AI-generated images can greatly reduce the costs of shooting and post-processing while delivering high-quality outputs. AI technology can optimize the visual appeal of images, such as colors, layouts, and lighting, making the main product images more attractive, increasing click-through rates, and conversion rates.
Leveraging Pic Copilot to generate e-commerce main images not only improves production efficiency and quality but also opens up new possibilities for e-commerce marketing, allowing merchants to gain higher market competitiveness at lower costs.
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