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Create the perfect backdrop for your product photos with AI Instant Backgrounds. Our AI technology generates high-quality, realistic scenes to effortlessly enhance your product display.

AI Backgrounds
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Easily Switch Between Scenes

Easily Switch Between Scenes

Whether it's a studio setup or a natural landscape, the AI Background Generator tool allows you to effortlessly select the perfect scene for your product.
Diverse Creativity

Diverse Creativity

Unlock unlimited creative possibilities and break free from the constraints of traditional photography. Our AI can generate a wide range of scenes, enabling you to experiment freely and find the perfect match for your product.
Boost Attractiveness

Boost Attractiveness

Boost your product's appeal with eye-catching AI backgrounds. Carefully selected backgrounds can significantly increase click-through and conversion rates, making your product irresistibly attractive.

You asked, we answered

How do I change the background for my product images?

By uploading your product images via the top menu or the Create page, our AI background tool will automatically generate and apply high-quality professional backgrounds to your product images within seconds using AI technology.

What enhancements can the AI background generation tool bring to my product?

By using AI background tool, your products will be showcased in the most suitable scenes, significantly increasing product click-through rates, attracting potential customers' attention, and ultimately boosting product sales.

Can I customize the background for my product?

Yes! You can upload custom backgrounds to match your product style and the theme of your online store.

Do I need professional design skills to use the AI background tool?

No, our tool is designed to be intuitive and requires no image editing skills. Simply upload your image, and let the AI handle the rest.

How fast does the AI background tool process images?

Just a few seconds! You can have your product images ready and see the stunning effects of this tool immediately.

What Our Users Are Saying

Olivia ChangOnline Retailer
As an Amazon seller, I have always been on the lookout for tools that can quickly enhance the appeal of my products. Pic Copilot’s AI background feature perfectly meets my needs. It offers a variety of e-commerce style scene options, allowing me to easily create captivating product images. The customization options are also very powerful, enabling me to tailor the display scenes to match my product style, making the product presentation more professional and attractive.
Liam PatelDropshipper
Since using Pic Copilot, the efficiency of our product image design has significantly improved. The AI background tool not only provides a rich array of e-commerce-themed scenes but also allows for personalized customization based on product characteristics, including adding product stands. This makes our store highly competitive among many rivals, and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Pic Copilot is an excellent assistant for e-commerce design, and I highly recommend it to all e-commerce practitioners.
Sophia NguyenTikTok shop sellers
Pic Copilot is the most intuitive and feature-rich e-commerce Al Backgrounds tool I have ever used. It allows me to create high-quality background images that match my brand tone in a short amount of time. Whether it’s for holiday promotions or new product launches, Pic Copilot provides suitable design support, allowing my products to be displayed in the best possible background. Its user interface is simple and clear, making it easy for even design novices to get started quickly, saving me a lot of time.

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